Trust Members

Dave Singleton - Trustee 

John McGinlay - Trustee 

Norma Rutherford - Trustee

Paul Holliday - Trustee

Bill Dawson - Trustee

Marie Bissett - Trustee

Matt Brown - Trustee

Jennie Smith - Trustee

Alan Walsh - Trustee

Phil Mason - Head of Trust

Ben Lawton – Trust Manager

Clare Roocroft – Finance Manager

Elaine Hallam – Business and Corporate Manager

Richard Slater – Strategic Lead (Health and Disability)

Adam Warriner – Strategic Lead (Education and Inclusion)

Nathan Saint – Disability Football Development Officer

Debbie Davies – Disability Development Officer

Greg Gillard – Inclusion Development Officer

Ste Thomas – Inclusion Development Officer

Beth Warriner – Inclusion Development Officer

Carl Halliwell - Development Officer (Over 55's)

Steve Obertelli – PL Primary Stars Development Officer

Poppy Haslam – Community Assistant

Rob Messina – Community Coach

Dave Walton – Community Coach

Andrew Foster – Enterprise Tutor

Luke Gallagher – Media and Communications Officer

Jonathan Mills – Office Administrator