Community Trust supports Stonewall Rainbow Laces Campaign

Stonewall Rainbow Laces Campaign – 23 November – 1 December

This season the EFL will once again be supporting Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, with specific activation taking place between 23 November and 1 December. Football continues to play a key role in making the game accessible, enjoyable and welcoming to all.

Receiving support from clubs and Community Trusts throughout the EFL, the Stonewall Rainbow Laces campaign will celebrate lesbian, gay, bi and trans inclusion, along with reinforcing the message that offensive language and abuse is unacceptable. The EFL, Premier League and FA will all be supporting Rainbow Laces through various activities both on and off the pitch. The support of EFL Clubs in this campaign is vital to its success.

Make Sport everyone’s game – Key messages

  • Make sport everyone’s game: It’s down to you to become and active ally.
  • Most fans want sport to be everyone’s game. Wear Rainbow Laces to show
    you support for LGBT people in sport.
  •  LGBT people are part of our club community. Let’s celebrate them, share their
    stories, and show our support.
  • Abuse isn’t banter. Be an active ally to LGBT: people challenge slurs and
    report abuse when you see it.
  • Wear Rainbow Laces and show your support on social media.

Key statistics

LGBT experiences in sport

  • More than two in five LGBT people (43 per cent) think public sporting events
    aren’t a welcoming space for LGBT people (LGBT in Britain: Hate crime and
    discrimination, YouGov and Stonewall 2017).
  • One in eight LGBT people (12 per cent) avoid going to the gym or
    participating in sports groups because of fear of discrimination and
  • Two in five trans people (38 per cent) avoid these places
    compared to seven per cent of LGB people who aren’t trans (LGBT in Britain:
    Hate crime and discrimination, YouGov and Stonewall 2017).
  • Cambridge University research for Stonewall found that one in seven LGBT
    pupils (14 per cent) – including three in ten trans pupils (29 per cent) – are
    bullied during sports lessons (Stonewall, School Report 2017).

Active allies in sport

  • The Rainbow Laces campaign inspired around 7 million people feel to more
    positive about LGBT inclusion in sport after having seen the campaign
    (ICM/Stonewall Research, 2017).
  • As a result of seeing the campaign, around 4.8 million people say they would
    be more likely to challenge anti LGBT language in sport (ICM/Stonewall
    Research, 2017).
  • Some 58% of sport fans who saw the campaign feel like they have
    responsibility to stick up for LGBT fans of the teams and sports they follow
    (ICM/Stonewall Research, 2017).
  • But 17% of sport fans think anti-LGBT language is harmless if it’s just meant
    as banter (ICM/Stonewall Research, 2017).


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