Graham’s Story – #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Graham is another participant of our Mental Health Football sessions and he has used them to assist his progress as he continues his recovery from being an alcoholic.

He told his own story , and how the Community Trust are helping him to get over the hurdles that stand in his way. He touched on the importance of staying positive and having a laugh to combat the serious issues that life faces us with.

‘I’m a recovering alcoholic and I’ve had a mental breakdown in the past.’

‘Coming down to the Mental Health Football sessions has given me a lot of confidence, I’ve made a lot of new friends and it has just given me a bit of self-belief back.’

‘The Café Social session after the football helps me because a lot of the lads are in recovery.’

‘Because of that, we can all relate to each other and share our experiences. But, we have a laugh as well.’

‘It is important to have a laugh and be positive because we need that sense of humour sometimes to take away from the seriousness of life.’

He gave the following advice to anybody out there struggling with Mental Health issues of their own:

‘I’d just say, keep going. See if there’s anything like this that you can get involved in, if you like it.’

‘Because, the worst thing myself and other can do, is stay at home and sit with your own head.’

‘Getting out and about and doing these activities has really helped me, so it might help someone else as well.’

For details on how to sign up for our Mental Health Football sessions, contact Community Trust Development Officer Ste Thomas. (Telephone: 01204 673790. Email:

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