‘Hungry to Learn’ session delivered at Heathfield School

Last week, in co-operation with Chef James, the Community Trust delivered a ‘Hungry to Learn’ session at Heathfield School in Bolton. The Chef has cooked to a very high standard and has prepared food for the likes of Her Majesty the Queen, Rihanna and Danni Minogue.

In the school hall, children sat down with their parents/guardians and were given the ingredients required before being instructed by the chef on how to prepare and cook a Carbonara – a tasty and healthy Italian dish.

Vegetables were chopped and put into a bowl before the cooking began and either chicken/quorn was added to the vegetables along with a stock before then being added to the tagliatelle pasta to form a lovely evening meal for the families to enjoy!

Chef James said: ‘We’re doing some cooking with parents and children together and we’re trying to encourage parents and children to enjoy eating real food together and more often. We want to give them the confidence to enjoy fresh meals at home rather than using takeaways and ready meals.’

‘I think the project has been brilliant and it’s engaged parents into getting the message of learning to cook healthy food, but it’s also important that the children are working with them to get that connection in the kitchen. It also improves the children’s social skills and encourages them to sit to the table and eat as well.’

‘I get so much satisfaction from seeing the end results and seeing smiles on faces and appreciative parents just saying how much they enjoyed the activity and that they’re going to do it again at home. The session gives parents the confidence to try and cook new things and there’s no better reward than that.’

‘Long term, the benefits we’re hoping for is that it gives the families a much healthier lifestyle. It makes parents think more about the food; what they’re buying and where it comes from and just generally give them a better knowledge of food to give them a better lifestyle.’

Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

Watch a video of the session below:

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