Introducing our Friends for Forces scheme

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust are proud to launch the Friends For Forces programme which is dedicated to helping veterans across Bolton.  The new 12 month project is possible thanks to funding received from Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust will support the local armed forces veteran community within Bolton through sessions and opportunities to improve their overall wellbeing.

Veterans have the chance to engage with other members of the armed forces community, engage with the vast array of programmes that Bolton Wanderers Community Trust has to offer and gain more information about opportunities and activities taking place in Bolton. They can also engage in many of our organised activities, events and trips.

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust Friends for Forces have gained a rich network of charities which will provide support, guidance, physical health and mental wellbeing for this within the armed forces community.

This will be in the form of walks, game days, breakfast clubs, health workshops, organised lunches and outdoor activity days.

We are offering all veterans the opportunity to gain sport and fitness related qualifications while providing routes into volunteering and employment within the Community Trust and on a wider scale.

Sam Redshaw, a member of staff within the Community Trust, is leading the Friends for Forces programme as the Armed Forces Development Officer and spoke in detail about what the programme will offer and why he chose to get involved:

‘This is a great project to support the veterans’ community and provide support, employment and guidance with the transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life.’‘The Friends for Forces program is a new layer to the Community Trust’s projects to support the Bolton community.

‘The programme will also be remembering our fallen soldiers who sadly lost their lives fighting for our country. We will be creating different projects to remember these soldiers.’

‘It is an honour for me to run the Friends for Forces programme and provide opportunities to our veterans across Bolton.’

‘I have been working with a number of different soldier’s charities over the years and raised money to fund the continued support within the veteran’s community.’

‘Bolton Wanderers Community Trust have partnered with a number of different armed forces charities to make sure we have the knowledge and pathways to help all veterans.’

‘When we look back at the rich history of Bolton Wanderers, we look at our previous captain Harry Goslin and his team who spoke to 23,000 fans at Burnden Park to try and recruit people into walking with his team to go and sign on to fight for his country in the second World War. They are famously known as The Wartime Wanderers.’

‘We will be offering work experience, potential employment opportunities, sport related qualifications for our Veterans as we see their skill set is massive and transferable to civilian life and Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.’

If anyone would like more information regarding the Friends for Forces programme or would be interested in help, please contact Sam Redshaw (Armed Forces Development Officer) on

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