Introducing the EFL Extra Time Hub! 


Would you like to meet like-minded people in your area and bring your free time alive?

We are bringing retired and semi-retired people together!

Introducing the EFL Extra Time Hub! 

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust have become one of 12 football club Trust/Foundation organisations across the country to introduce the newly-formed EFL Extra Time Hub. At our Extra Time Hub, it’s your time so you decide what you do.

Quizzes, games, arts and crafts, music, singing, table tennis, films, talks, walks, bungee jumping or just sitting and having a chat over a cup of tea – It is your choice! Nothing is off the agenda if you really want to do it.

The Extra Time Hub will be hosted at the University of Bolton Stadium on a weekly basis and will be open to people aged 55 or older. These will commence on Thursday March 21 2019 and will take place between 10.30am and 12.00pm

Our ambition is to make a positive difference to how people enjoy their later years by bringing people together to meet others, socialise and become active.

Each gathering will allow people to mix, socialise and have a brew and discuss any activities they would like to take part in.

The project will be user led, with those attending deciding the format of sessions and what will take place.

Carl Halliwell, Extra Time Hub Activator said: ”The beauty of our Extra Time Hub sessions is that they are user led in a friendly environment. Our aim is to make a positive difference to how thousands of retired and semi-retired people enjoy their later years.”

Mike Evans, EFL Trust Director of Operations said: “With the support of Sport England’s Active Aging fund from the National Lottery, our Extra Time Hubs give people who are retired the opportunity to meet like-minded people and create activities for the group that could have a benefit for their physical or mental health…”

Come and join us at our sessions! The meeting point is the Main Reception at the University of Bolton Stadium (West Stand).

Please contact Carl (Halliwell) by email: or by calling: 01204 673790, to see if the Extra Time Hubs are for you.​

Be Social and Spread the Word!