The Bitesize Battlefield Challenge 2019

Would you like your pupils to be involved in a local OBSTACLE COURSE to raise money for a local children’s charity?

Sound like a good idea? Well, we are hosting The Bitesize Battlefield Challenge at Canon Slade School in Bolton on April 27 and April 28 2019, with the objective to raise funds for Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, supporting your local community.

Participants aged between 4 and 6 must be assisted by a parent, whereas participants aged between 7 and 16 can take on the course unassisted.

Can your pupils help us fundraise for the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust?


Want to know details more about the Bitezise Battlefield Challenge?


Bitesize Bootcamp delivers functional fitness bootcamps in schools across the North West! They are teaming up with the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust to help fundraise for a trust that gives so much back into their community, and who are wanting to give back even more!

Bitesize Bootcamp is working tirelessly to also provide local children with a truly amazing challenge. Bigger, better, tougher, slimier and muddier than our 2018 events..!!!

With over 20 obstacles including an inflatable slip and slide, monkey bars, A-frames, slime bath, mud pool, hay bales and much much more!! The mission of Bitesize Bootcamp is to get as many school children signed up to participate in the challenge. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your staff!! YOUR SCHOOL CAN BE A PART OF A FANTASTIC LOCAL FUNDRAISER!

By taking part in the legendary Bitesize Battlefield Challenge, you’ll not only have an amazing day, you’ll also be giving back to a great cause!


Are you a school or educational facility interested in hearing more about how your pupils can get involved? Contact us today!

Telephone:01204 673790


**** We are offering your school an assembly and a free taster session of one of our functional fitness bootcamps ****

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